Refund Policy

This policy only applies to purchases made through Covid Tracing directly or through one of its licensed distributors, authorised partners, agents, affiliates or contractors.

Any purchases made on third party websites, affiliate sites or payment gateways not maintained by us are not covered under this Refund Policy unless stated otherwise at the time of purchase.

Covid Tracing is designed for a global audience.

To that effect, we have adopted the United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection as a standard operating procedure to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction as well as protection.

A copy of the united Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection can be downloaded from the United Nations website or directly via this link.

An important aspect of consumer protection is helping consumers understand our policies in plain English and in a way that makes our policy documents user friendly and readable without needing a law degree.

For that purpose, we have broken down our policy into key headings making it easier for you to navigate through this page and get to the specific policy that applies to your purchase.

The purpose of the 7-day Refund Policy is to provide our clients a choice to cancel their purchase if after purchasing our service(s) customers experience access issues that remain unfixed beyond 2 business days since we were notified of any such issues;


If you identified a major failure of our technology and any such failure remained unfixed beyond 2 business days since you notified us of any such major failure.

For the purposes of clarity, the following are the only events that would constitute a major failure of our solution(s):

  1. The Covid Tracing solution is not as described to you prior to, during or at the time of your purchase and upon accessing the softare(s) you identify that the application is completely different to what was presented to you before, during or immediately after the purchase, either in-person, through an agent or directly from our website or any other associated marketing content;
  2. More than 80% of the business case for Covid Tracing is not applicable to your specific country or state due to legislative roadblocks;

This refund policy does not apply if you purchased the service(s), received access to it and began using it but simply changed your mind, found it cheaper somewhere else, decided you did not like the course or had no use for it.

We are mindful of the fact that we may not be able to make everyone happy. In the event that you wish to raise a dispute with us and have exhausted all normal communication channels with no outcome then you are welcome to resort to the Dispute Resolution rules as per the UNITED NATIONS COMMISSION ON INTERNATIONAL TRADE LAW.

A copy of said rules is available from the United Nations website or directly via this link.

Did You Know?

Under the Privacy Act, you could request access to all the data that’s kept by any contact tracing program in New Zealand? Find out how Covid Tracing handles your data and what access you can request from us.