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It’s your information. It’s your right to have access to it.

At CovidTracing, the key driver in developing a simple, yet highly effective contact tracing method was to stand against the invasion to our privacy that comes from downloading mobile apps.

We respect your privacy. We

You can have complete access to the structured data we have in our system about you.

Simply enter your details below. We will first check to see if you have used CoovidTracing at a location that uses CovidTracing for recording their interaction with you.

If we can find you, we will setup a secure login for you, using which, you will be able to securely login and see all your information.

Please enter your details below

Please make sure you enter the same information you have entered during the registration process. If you are not sure what you entered, scan the QR code below.

Are you a Business Owner?

If you’ve already experienced CovidTracing as an end customer, then you already know how simple and easy it is to remain Covid compliant.

If you’re a business owner, please take a moment to consider our solution. Its good for business. It’s good for privacy. Its good for the economy.

Read more about CovidTracing for Businesses or scan the QR code below from your phone to go through an interactive demo.

Hassle free contact tracing

Keeping our communities safe and our businesses compliant, should not come at the expense of our right to privacy