Level 1 Contact Tracing – Dr. Ashley Bloomfield Confirms Requirement

NZ Businesses Must Continue Contact Tracing During Level 1 Lockdown. NZ Covid Tracer App not very popular.

Level 1 Contact Tracing said to be a requirement. In today’s press briefing, New Zealand Director General of Health, Dr. Ashley Bloomfield confirmed that it will be a “requirement for businesses” to continue contact tracing. He also urged businesses to download the MBIE QR Code and display it at the entrance.

The number of people that have downloaded the government’s NZ Covid Tracer App was 8,000 overnight, with the total being somewhere around 400,000 registrations so far. However, you can see the ratings for the app on the Google Play Store, which tells you how popular the app is so far:

Clearly, the number of people that are still downloading the NZ Government’s app is dwindling down as expected, which means more and more people are going to be arriving at businesses that don’t have the app and don’t want the app. Because if they did, with the amont of advertising the government has been doing for the app, it would have been downloaded by far more than 400,000 people so far.

This, in turn means, that your business will be at risk of being non-compliant as far as Level 1 contact tracing is concerned, unless you revert to a pen and paper based contact register. Now that’s neither convenient, nor safe from a privacy point of view. While the government itself has been promoting this nonsensical approach to contact tracing, as a responsible business owner, you still have the responsibility to do your part.

To my surprise, I was at a cafe yesterday and saw them using our contact tracing system, without realising that the cafe was a customer of ours. It was great to see the level of compliance from people visiting the cafe while I was there and every single one of them, happily going through the contactless contact tracing process.

Its simple. Its effortless. Its app-less. Spread the word… help us continue providing a choice to kiwis. No one should have to be put in a position where they need to have the government’s app to enter a premises – that’s not the way it is now, but can you be certain that it won’t get to that?


CovidTracing.co.nz is already incorporating the MBIE QR Codes within its QR code.

No need to download any apps for contact tracing

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