Govt. QR Codes: Response from NZ Ministry of Health

The Govt QR codes are causing a great deal of confusion in the community. In the last few days, we have had a number of clients reporting to us that there is confusion among customers about the NZ Covid Tracer (the MoH issued App) App. Many are carrying the misconception that the government issued APP is able to scan any QR code with the camera of the SmartPhone. This is NOT TRUE.

We asked the Ministry of Health directly, to confirm this and this is the response we received today.

Govt QR Codes Confirmation

This leaves no room for any further doubt about what the Government’s App can and cannot do. is the only contact tracing solution that is able to offer a contact tracing solution for businesses without any need to have any apps on the smartphone. The QR codes businesses generate from the system have the ability to “attach” the Govt issued QR code data into our QR code. This way, when your customers scan the QR code and complete their registration, we are able to link it up with the businesses NZBN and GLN (Global Location Number allocated by Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment or MBIE).

The simple point is that in order for you (as a business owner) to use the Govt QR code (issued by MBIE), your customers will need to use the government’s App. However, the best option for businesses is to use QR code because the end customer does not need to use any mobile apps and both you (the business owner) and your customers achieve the ultimate outcome of contact tracing without any apps.

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