Customer Trends for Businesses Now Live in Beta

We are very glad to announce that the much anticipated Trends Dashboard is now LIVE. Hop over to the Trends section inside the Business Manager console to see how it works. But for new customers considering using for contact tracing, here’s a glimpse of what the Trends dashboard is all about.

Customer Trends Dashboard for Contact Tracing

Purpose of the Trends Dashboard

The customer trends dashboard has been designed to help business owners get a better understanding of who’s coming to your shop/store/business. Besides the obvious contact tracing ability provided by, the Trends dashboard now also provides you insights into the demographics of your customers as well as a view of the busiest times for your business.

Data Dependencies

In order for the Trends dashboard data to be accurate, we rely on your customers in providing the right information when they register. The dashboard also expects customers to tap the “EXIT” button when they leave your business, which is what is used to calculate the average duration of time spent at your location.

Pending Exits

You will notice a new section in the “Verify” screen that shows you a list of visitors that haven’t exited your premises yet. This list will appear only if you have visitors that haven’t pressed the EXIT button when they left your premises. If the visitors are still at your premises, then please ignore the list and wait for the visitors to leave. If they have already left but didn’t tap on the EXIT button, then you can exit them out by choosing one of the time buttons you will see next to the visitors details.

Data Privacy

There’s absolutely no risk of the privacy of your customers being compromised in this case, because none of the data represented in the trends dashboard allows businesses the ability to identify the visitors that are included in the charts. The purpose of the data is to provide you with visibility into the demographics of your visitor traffic and the busy times of the day based on entry and exit stamps for each visit.

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