CovidTracing Integrated with Government Issued GLN

The Ministry of Health along with the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) are taking applications from businesses across New Zealand to register for the QR code generated for use with the NZ Covid Tracer app. Because ours is an app-less solution, we have integrated the Government’s QR Code with our system.

What is GLN?

When you apply for the QR code through the MBIE website, you will be asked to specify the NZBN number of the business. Because one business can have multiple locations, and each location will belong to the same NZBN (because its the same business), they had to come up with a unique identifier for each location within the business. The GLN, which stands for the “Global Location Number” is just a unique number for each location within a business.

What is the integration?

You can read about how we are encoding this GLN back into our system in our previous post. With additional integration that’s being discussed with MoH, attaching the GLN data to all our business customers is a great thing because your customers do not need to use any apps to check-in with you. With the GLN, our system is now able to “sync-up” with any requests MoH makes from us.

What else is in the pipeline?

We are currently also exploring possible options whereby if someone has already registered in the CovidTracing system once, we can bypass the entire registration process for subsequent visits to the same location. We expect to release this feature in the coming days.

Introducing Trends

We always wanted businesses to get more value out of CovidTracing than just use it for recording customer entries and exits. To that effect, we began work on a powerful trends dashboard which will show business owners a few valuable insights into the demographic breakdown of people coming through the businesses.


Consider it to be like telling you that 50% of everyone that came through your store was between the ages of 31-45. Or that 29% of all your store traffic yesterday was made up from females between the ages of 46-60. None of that impeaches on anyone’s privacy, because you cannot identify that group and send any form of marketing messages to them. This is strictly for the purposes of showing you the demographics of your visitors so you can plan your traffic flow to the store/shop/location accordingly.

Here’s an impression of what the Trends Dashboard will look like.

Covid Tracing Trends Dashboard
Trends Dashboard – Simply for Trends. Not for anything else.

What else can we do?

We would love to invite businesses to submit any specific feature requests or enhancements that can add value to their efforts during this time.

Please reach out to us through the Live Chat instance on the bottom right side of the screen and our team will gladly discuss options with you.

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