Contact Tracing Rules



  • Think about how many people are using the same pen and paper?
  • Even if its just one person writing down information, its taken publicly
  • No validation of information - Its a pointless exercise
  • How will data be shared with DHBs? Send photos of the pages???
  • What happens if you get reported for non-compliance?
  • If you don't have proper contact tracing, could your ability to operate, be limited?

Consequences for Non-Compliant Businesses

The Government has made it very clear that it intends to enforce the Covid-19 Compliance measures as strictly as needed.

Anyone can go in and report a business if they are not complying with Level 2 rules. What would that mean for your business if you do not have a proper contact tracing procedure.

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The Government’s Covid-19 Website has provided clear guidelines for contact tracing rules for businesses operating under Alert Level 2.

The rules are as follows:

We have centered these around the Government’s guidelines around contact tracing. Please refer to the Government’s website for guidelines on overall operating rules during Covid-19 Alert Level 2.


Retail businesses:

  • need to keep customers 2 metres apart
  • do not need to keep records of customers to enable contact tracing. 

There is no maximum number of customers allowed in a store, as long as they can keep 2 metres apart at all times.

Services can also be provided on customers’ premises, for example, cleaning and home help.


Restaurants, cafes and bars must:

  • have customers seated
  • keep groups of attendees separated 1 metre apart
  • have a single server per group
  • keep records of all customers and workers to enable contact tracing 
  • not have more than 100 people in total — this excludes staff.

Alcohol can only be served to people eating a meal. This is a temporary restriction until 21 May 2020.

Venues will stay shut if they can’t open safely.

Work involving close personal contact

For some businesses, close personal contact is required to deliver a service. This includes:

  • hairdressers
  • home help providers.

These businesses can operate if they have public health measures in place like:

  • keeping contact tracing registers 
  • keeping customers 1 metre apart, including while they’re waiting
  • good hygiene practices
  • disinfecting surfaces in between customers.

We have highlighted certain aspects of these guidelines that are important for businesses to understand.

Using paper based contact registers, that are being provided by the Government itself, goes against “good hygiene practices” because of the fact that its a contaminated surface.


Plus GST Per Location, Per Mth

Keeping our communities safe and our businesses compliant, should not come at the expense of our right to privacy - Contactless Non-Invasive contact tracing
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Did You Know?

Under the Privacy Act, you could request access to all the data that’s kept by any contact tracing program in New Zealand? Find out how Covid Tracing handles your data and what access you can request from us.