Contact Tracing For Real Estate Agents

Set yourself apart by taking a proactive approach toward the health & safety of your clients. Spend time building relationships, not getting bogged down in the administrative task of contact recording.

Contact Tracing Is Important For Every Business

Under Alert Level 2, all businesses, except Retail, are being asked to implement a contact tracing procedure. The rules are straight forward with the government having the ability to enforce them through a special reporting line.

Not Just About Collecting Data

No one should be surprised in the lack of detail and specific guidance about contact tracing. It is not just about collecting data on a sheet of paper. It is not about electronically entering it into a spreadsheet. It is not even about taking customer registrations through an iPad.

It needs to be contactless. It needs to be consistent. It needs to be hassle-free (for customers) and the entire process needs to cause the least amount of disruption to business.

Contact Tracing Register

Needless to say, the paper based approach is neither hygienic, nor fit for purpose. Think about it…

While its great that you’re capturing customer info, how are you planning on sharing it with the DHBs when contact tracing needs to be implemented?

Furthermore, you surely don’t want everyone using the same pen, or registering information on the same sheet of paper that has been handled by multiple people.

Dedicated Contact Tracer

You might be slightly more proactive and appoint one person with the task of recording all that information.

Better from a hygiene point of view, but still not fit for purpose.

How do you protect the privacy of your clients? How is that data shared? Where is it stored? What will you be liable for in the event a cluster emerges from your business without proper contact tracing procedures? These are important questions that affect every business.

Use a Mobile App

Invasion of privacy aside, mobile apps are a huge deterrent for most people for a number of reasons.

We’ve made a list of some of those reasons on our main page.

Covid-19 is not anyone’s fault (specifically), yet as a business owner, you have to deal with extra step of contact tracing because that’s what the government wants you to do.

Our goal is to make this compliance requirement as easy as possible.

Let there be Open Homes Galore !

The Real Estate industry is likely to experience a lot of disruption as a result of the general economic outlook due to Covid-19. At a time like this, don’t let contact tracing restrict your ability to host open homes and viewings for properties you’ve either listed for sale or for rent.

Get proactive. Take the bull by the horns and use a well defined contact tracing procedure to not only keep your clients and vendors safe, but also your business compliant.

Contact Tracing for Real Estate

Special Pricing for Real Estate Agencies

Given the way contact tracing works, each of your open home listings will classify as a location. Our standard pricing is $15/location per month (plus GST). However, as a special offer to our friends in the Real Estate Industry, we have come up with a better solution.


For up to 10 Locations (Listings). That’s a saving of 34%

Here's how the process works for Real Estate Agents

Covid 19 Contact Tracing Posters

Print the QR code for the location and display it at the front entrance of the property.

Contact Tracing QR Code

People visiting the property for an open home, simply scans the QR code using their smartphone camera – no additional apps or software is needed on the customers’ phone.

Customer Registration App

Quick and easy registration process, frees you up from this unnecessary admin work. Its 100% contactless and self-service.

Customer Receiving Verification Code

Verification code generated, which the customer shows to you before entering. Once you’ve verified the code through the Business Manager portal, its all done.

Hassle-free, time-efficient, fit for purpose contact tracing.

Your customers will love you for it

If you’re an agency and want to implement our contact tracing technology throughout your network, then please talk to us via live chat on the bottom right.