Contact Tracing For Government Departments

Designed to cut down the administrative work undertaken by health officials to trace, isolate and manage potential clusters.

When It's A Race Against Time...

In the unfortunate event of a new cluster formation, health officials have to respond very quickly to curb the speed of transmission once a positive case has been identified.

Sifting through contact records manually, in such a case, is the worst use of the specialist skills and time resources Health Departments possess.

CovidTracing has a solution that makes the task of contact tracing for governments, time efficient as well as cost-effective.

100% Consent Driven 0% Invasive

Once a positive case is identified, registered health departments can use their authorized logins to locate the individual and begin the contact tracing process.

The very first step is to request electronic consent from the individual. This is done from inside the system in a secure and time-efficient manner.

Once consent is granted, authorised personnel at the health department will gain access to the person’s “Outdoor Bubble” dashboard.

We All Have a Public Bubble
Once everything opens, the task of contact tracing becomes that much more complex.
CovidTracing, intelligently identifies public bubbles by tracing visits by location, hour and proximity.
This is done in a way that does not infringe on anyone's privacy as none of this data is ever visible to anyone without EXPRESS consent from an individual whose public bubble is in question.
How Long Before the 2m Rule Becomes Useless?
People are people. You (the government) said, this is the new norm and this is how life will be going forward. What's better? Enforcement or alignment? If there's a way to contact trace everyone with ease, speed and agility, why not make the 2m rule, a "scan to enter" rule.
We are Social. We are People First.
Should we track and trace interactions using proximity detection in real time? It can be done. But the question is...should it be done? Our approach to contact tracing is people-centric. No matter how sophisticated the technology, nothing will be of any use if people don't adopt it and comply. Compliance is a matter of gaining comfort. People First.

How It Works

Contact tracing for Government departments is made possible through the specially designed Government Access Portal from CovidTracing. Once access is setup, authorised personnel simply sign in and enter the name and last 4 digits of a person’s mobile number to initiate the consent process.

Consent Approved

With just one click, authorised personnel can initiate a consent process that is completely secure and user-driven.

Locate the Bubble

Once consent has been acquired, contact tracing can begin with identifying the persons' public or outdoor bubble.

Begin Segmenting

At the same time, CovidTracing also shows various aspects of the bubble that can further assist in efficient contact tracing.

Once Consent is Granted...

Available Segments

For ever person registering at a location using CovidTracing, Age-Group and Gender data is also requested. While it is kept optional to minimise upfront drag for businesses, where data is available, CovidTracing automatically segments it for you.

In the bubble...

You can see how many other people did the individual come in contact with, over the last 60 days (or the maximum time span, not exceeding 60 days).

What was the average length of time spent by the individual at each of the locations in the bubble.

How many other people in that bubble, across the same time span while the person was present at one or all locations in the bubble.

Consented Data
+ Demographics
+ Bubble Information
= Prioritised Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is important. Not just for the current pandemic but for all future ones.
CovidTracing’s technology platform is highly scalable and customisable for each Government’s individual needs.
We even have modules using which, you can attach health data (that will only ever remain in your existing system) to a person’s profile for even better priority management. Its a very clever way of extending your current capabilities as a government agency/department.

See it in action

Tell us more about your specific needs and your biggest contact tracing challenge. We will try to customise the demonstration of our platform to suit your specific needs.

In the mean time...

Take a look at how CovidTracing works for businesses and individuals. If you’ve got a couple of minutes, you can also try our standard customer-experience demo to see how data is captured at a participating location.