Contact Tracing Without Any Apps

Your business can continue contact tracing even without using the Government’s App. We have created a way for your customers to register at your premises without the need for any apps.

We have also integrated the government’s QR code data into our location data so your business can serve both options to customers, giving them the choice to use whichever method they want to use for contact registration at your premises.


CovidTracing does not have any GPS tracking, Bluetooth tracking, or any of those invasive technologies built into its system. Customers register using the camera on their phone to scan the QR code. See how simple and efficient it is.

The world is different now. Every business has a responsibility to record customer interactions. Mobile apps are cumbersome, intrusive, user-dependent and not scalable.

Our solution is simpler, smarter, cheaper, better and most of all – ITS FAMILIAR.


Contact Tracing Requirement

Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, Director General of Health, has confirmed that even during level 1, businesses are required to carry out contact tracing. However, his push has been toward having businesses signup to get the QR code from the government.

This has been incredibly hard for businesses and has resulted in lost productivity and the risk of non-compliance.

The government has legislated it “breaking the law” if a business fails to comply with the contact tracing requirements.

Ministry of Health Press Briefing

Ministry of Health App

The Covid Tracer app developed by the Ministry of Health relies on end users registering their details and providing their information to the government. The App is needed to scan government issued QR Codes.

Considering all that is wrong about using a mobile app for contact tracing, CovidTracing is making it easier for our customers to be a responsible business without the additional hassle of asking their customers to download any apps.

Our Solution - Better, Easier, Smarter

  • No Apps to Download
  • No Privacy Risk for Your Customers
  • Hassle-Free Setup
  • No GPS Tracking
  • No Need for Bluetooth
  • No Need to Turn on Location Services

Made in New Zealand, built for BUSINESS

  • End User Privacy First
  • Get Going in Minutes
  • Fast, Efficient Contact Tracing
  • 100% Web Based
  • Leveraging Familiar Technologies Everyone Already Has
  • Highly Scalable - No Single Point of Failure
  • Super Easy to Use
  • No Apps to Download

What's Wrong With Mobile App Based Options?

When considering building a Covid-19 contact tracing solution, we too considered going down the path of a mobile app. It seems convenient enough. Easy enough to build. But as you dive deeper in contemplating an enterprise grade solution that can be rolled out nationwide, the shortcomings and pitfalls of an App based solution becomes quite apparent.


Typical contact tracing apps require users to download the app and grant certain permissions. Even if the App vendor hasn't explicitly enabled any form of tracking, Appstores still track user activity.


Some people might not have enough space to download an app onto their phones. Does that mean your customer cannot enter the premises? If you make an exception once, you've created a point of failure in the contact tracing system. Doesn't work.


Most contact tracing apps are required to be running in the background all the time in order to be effective. How much battery will it drain? How much else will it track while its running?


Typical contact tracing apps require users to download the app and grant certain permissions. Even if the App vendor hasn't explicitly enabled any form of tracking, Appstores still track user activity.


As much as app vendors will say that its on the handset, the truth is if the phone has setup automatic cloud backup, ALL data is also available to Big Tech & hosted on servers outside the country, where local Privacy Laws might not be enforceable.


Most app vendors don't offer clear procedures for how the customer interactions get shared with health officials in the event of contact tracing. If nothing is tracked, then what is the point?

Covid Tracing - Everything Is Familiar

Most people have a smartphone. All smartphones have a camera. All modern smartphone cameras can scan a QR Code. If you have a Smartphone with a camera, chances are, you’re pretty savvy with the world of mobile internet.


Our goal was to keep things simple and make it so that neither businesses, nor their customers have to learn anything new, or install anything new. All your customers need, is the familiar camera.


Most people have seen a QR code displayed somewhere. They were all the rage in New Zealand a few years ago. QR codes are very robust and can be scanned with just 7% of the entire data stream that's embedded in the code itself. In plain english - you can pretty much scan it from 10 meters away if you have a half-decent camera.


Us Kiwis, we love the mobile internet. Its easy to use, its simple and most importantly, it's familiar. Your customers don't need to learn any new way of doing business with you in this utterly changed new world.


Covid has changed a lot of things. It hasn't however changed who we are as people. You're the familiar business your customers did business with before everything changed. Coming back, your business is another "Familiar" and with the simplicity of Covid Tracing, you're set to become their Favourite again.

With no dependency on any third party technologies such as SMS, Push Notifications, App Stores or Big Tech tracking your movements, Covid Tracing is by far, the best value for money, when it comes to contact tracing  for business compliance.

Experience the Familiar

Try this interactive demo of exactly how your customers will go through the registration process.

It’s incredibly easy, completely contactless and best of all – IT’S REALLY FAST.

Contact Tracing is Disruptive By Nature

Having to go through that extra step to engage in trade, is not convenient by any stretch of imagination. However, it is here. It is real and by the looks of it, it is here to stay for a considerable amount of time.

Our aim, in developing CovidTracing, was to minimise the disruption to business as much as possible.

The way to do that is by making the process of customer registration as simple and intuitive as possible.

So that’s what we did. We’re calling it stress free contact tracing.